What you need are the tools to secure your data and devices--we have those tools.

Aglet Technology has what you need to secure your devices and data.

You owe it to your customers and clients to secure their personal and private information. What you need for enterprise mobility management (EMM) isn’t always clear. Aglet Technology designs EMM solutions to secure client devices, content and data. Throughout the St. Louis area, we serve companies in every industry. To contact us: 314.200.8995.


Mobile devices are powerful tools, but they present companies with myriad risks. Each device can carry large data files containing private, confidential or proprietary information. This data, if lost or stolen represents a massive liability for your company and its credibility. Sensitive information, such as account numbers, passwords and personal client information leave companies vulnerable to cascading breaches and litigation. The damage to a company’s reputation may be irreparable.

Aglet Technology provides exactly what you need:

Stanford University has published helpful guidelines for securing mobile devices. There are many steps you can provide on your own. But for comprehensive, sophisticated protection you need dedicated service providers that specialize in detecting threats, providing management polices and ensuring that devices and apps remain compliant.

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