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Every industry should secure its data and the devices that access it.

Aglet Technology’s customizable MDM solutions can be adapted to the unique needs of companies in all industries. No matter how diverse the mobile device fleet or disparate your employee’s needs. Throughout the St. Louis area, Aglet Technology is prepared to help companies in every industry.

Education-many schools have recognized the important role of technology in education. Most schools make laptops and tablets available for student use. Students often push the boundaries acceptable use policies, exposing devices to malware and other security hazards.
Finance-no other industry is the focus of so many malicious cyberattacks. Customer passwords, credit card numbers and bank accounts are continuously be sniffed, phished and hacked. To maintain trust and secure its reputation, the finance industry must any devices that handle private information.
Government-in recent years, agencies at all levels of government have come under attack from hackers with varied goals–from liberating secret information to exposing corruption. Because compliance with government policy is compulsory, the onus is on those agencies to give the highest priority to protecting citizens and taxpayers.
Healthcare-personal information gives the holder leverage over the owner. In the case of health information security, this is especially true. If healthcare information falls into the wrong hands, it can leave the owner vulnerable to everything from blackmail to insurance discrimination. As medical offices move to digital records and mobile devices special care must be take to ensure the security of patient data.
Hospitality-all industries face specific risks, but the hospitality industry is in the sweet spot for cybercrime. The use of credit cards is widespread, most offer public Wi-Fi networks and travelers typically bring one or more mobile devices in their travels. Business travelers typically conduct business during their stay and access sensitive data across unencrypted networks. All these factors taken together set the stage for experienced criminals to steal devices or access sensitive data.
Legal-legal professionals are required to maintain client confidentiality. The justice system relies on truthful depositions and these are encouraged by the knowledge that any information given will remain secret. If client data is accessed on phones or tablets, it is essential that those devices and the data they contain be secured against loss or theft.
Nonprofit-to a greater extent than other industries, the nonprofit sector is wholly dependent on the goodwill of its support base–an offensive act, whether by omission or commission that alienates that base can jeopardize the organization. Ensuring donor and volunteer privacy demonstrates the organizations commitment to a cause but to its constituents.
Retail-the retail sector pioneered the use of mobile devices for inventory management and enterprise communications. It is poised to leverage the power of mobile devices in the next stage of growth as tablet kiosks and smart phone apps revolutionize the way we buy everything from dinner to televisions. As consumers voluntarily surrender their credit card and bank account numbers, the retail industry must reciprocate that trust guaranteeing that their data is secure.
Transportation-from private communications networks to physical transport, the transportation system binds all the other industries together. The mobile devices used by carriers are scanned repeatedly along infinite combinations of routes and exposed to countless RFID networks. Carriers are access numerous unencrypted networks along the way and the information they accumulate is frequently vulnerable to theft.

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