Proactive management imlements polices that are resilient.

Don’t let bad actors break your technology. Take a proactive approach to protecting your customers and your reputation.

A proactive approach to mobile device security tells your employees and your customers that you take security seriously. After devices have been compromised and data stolen it is to late–trust has been broken and your reputation shot. Numerous high profile companies in the St. Louis area have fallen prey to hackers and data thieves–don’t let your customers be subject to data loss on your watch.

To Be Proactive, Assess Your Firm’s Current Mobile Security Policies.

  1. Do you have a secure corporate visitor network?
  2. Does your company establish and enforce guidelines for employee use of personal devices on the corporate network?
  3. Do password security protocols exist? Are they enforced?
  4. Do employees access or store corporate data on personal devices?
  5. Do company-owned devices routinely access external networks?

You hear the stories on the news almost daily–hackers, security breaches, stolen data, compromised accounts, lost passwords. Throughout the economy and the world, companies and governments are reacting to these problems. If a company is managing these crises in a reactive way, the battle has already been lost. A proactive approach on the other hand puts you a step ahead of the criminals. It also helps your company distinguish itself in the marketplace.

If your company handles sensitive financial, health or legal data, you are compelled to protect that information for the sake of your customers and the stability of your company. According to a 2014 study, security breaches cost targeted companies an average of 3.5 million dollars. The intangible cost can be much greater.

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