About Us

secure data

Putting a lock on data.

What the heck is an aglet?

You encounter them everyday–those little sheaths that keep your shoe strings from fraying and making them easier to thread through eyelets.

Metaphorically speaking, that is what Aglet Technology does–our services bring order to the chaos that characterizes a growing business and helps business owners and managers navigate the mobile landscape.

Every device on your network, any device within the range of your network represents a potential security risk. Criminals can access unsecured devices and steal sensitive information and private data. Aglet Technology provides software solutions that secure devices against malicious software, careless users and criminal hackers. Lost or stolen account numbers, passwords and business data can be catastrophic.

Aglet Technology helps you avoid catastrophe and lets you focus on running your business by ensuring that your mobile devices serve you and not criminals.

So what do you need to know about us?

Our Mission

Our mission is to help business achieve their goals by protecting them from electronic security breaches that compromise them and their customers.

Our Motivation

We understand that productivity drives progress. Time spent worrying is not productive time. Our goal is to free owners and managers from security concerns so that they can grow their businesses and we can all move forward together. We are proud to be St. Louis’ first company dedicate exclusively to mobile device security and management.

Mykal Moore While working as an IT professional, Mykal noticed an unfulfilled and growing need for mobile device security solutions. Knowing that existing IT staff are overburdened as it is with traditional IT infrastructure, he recognized the opportunity in  helping companies meet their device management needs.

Meet Our Team

As entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to protecting your business so you can go about yours.

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