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    Mobile Security Self-Assessment

    Find out if your data is at risk.


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    Make your devices endpoints, not entrance ramps.

    We secure your mobile devices wherever they are.

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    Traditional security isn’t enough.

    You owe it to your customers to ensure their data is safe.

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    Your devices go everywhere. Your data shouldn’t.

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St. Louis' first company dedicated to mobile device management.

Unsecured mobile devices represent loose ends that can expose your company's data to hackers, malware and thieves. Properly secured devices hide data and applications from the outside world. And if a device is lost or stolen, sensitive data can be remotely wiped, neutralizing the threat to your company and your clients.

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We cover every aspect of mobile device management.

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From The Blog

Our goal is to provide St. Louis area companies with timely information and advice to keep their business, customers and devices safe and secure.

HIPPA Compliance and Mobile Devices

HHS Issued a Fine After a Stolen Phone Resulted in HIPPA Compliance Violations HIPPA compliance violations represent a significant threat to patient privacy and the financial security of healthcare institutions. Lost, stolen or hacked mobile devices may be a weak link in an organization’s HIPPA compliance efforts. Consequently, healthcare providers must take meaningful precautions to

Aug 03, 2016 Admin

Mobile Payment Services and SMS Vulnerabilities

SMS Notifications May Present An Avenue For Hackers To Attack Mobile Payment Services Mobile payment services such as Venmo and Square offer great convenience by letting us use our phones as wallets and plastic cards. Generally speaking the technology is secure, but it is not without vulnerabilities. As described in the article below from onthewire.io,

Aug 02, 2016 Admin

Mobile Threats–Businesses Remain Complacent

A New Study Suggests Most Businesses Fail to Secure Themselves Against Mobile Threats Mobile threats to networks, devices and data abound with frequent stories of hacked databases and breached email accounts in the news. Companies may be liable for actual losses suffered by customers and may never recover from damage to their reputation. The failure

Aug 01, 2016 Admin
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